President – Jessica Chow

Hey everyone! My name is Jessica Chow and I am a third year here at Cal! I’m majoring in Nuclear Engineering and minoring in Public Policy. I’m interested in nuclear policy as well as nuclear medicine. I’d love to work for the Department of Energy or a think tank one day! In addition to being part of ANS, I choreograph for Danceworx and I’m part of a consulting group on campus.

Vice President – Emily Vu

I am a junior nuclear engineer working in the neutronics group under Rachel Slaybaugh. Upon graduation, I hope to have a sweet gig in the industry. In my free time, you can find me studying, pumping iron at the gym, or eating food flavored food. Apparently people find me intimidating at first glance, but I promise, I’m tuff with a u-f-f. Come chat with me. Ask me about salmon. Call me Vu. Be my chum. Formally a member of the Cal Boxing Team. Forever a member of American Nuclear Society. I love nuclear engineers.

Secretary – Chris Lamb

Hey y’all! I’m Chris Lamb and I’m from Sunland (a small little town in SoCal). I’m a sophomore nuclear engineer who’s interested in working in nuclear power after I graduate but I also have a hidden love for astronomy (especially Astro-Nuclear stuff). I’m currently working in Kai Vetter’s Radiation Detection and Dosimetry lab. My free time consists mainly of me playing video games, watching anime, sleeping and spending time with dogs. I am also an Equestrian Vaulter of over 5 years. I may seem anti-social but I honestly love people and I’m down to hang out or even just talk anytime so let me know if you want to get to know me more!

Treasurer – Andrew Dong


Outreach Chair – Jackie Gasca

You see the person in the picture above? that’s me. As a senior in the nuclear engineering department, I work in Kai Vetter’s Radiation Detection and Dosimetry lab. My main focus is to claw my way into the medical-applications-for-radiation field (That’s how Cal bears do it!). Parking at Berkeley sure is hard especially when you don’t have a car. Call me Jackie, Jack, Jay-que-lin; just don’t call me if I owe you money. I like big dogs, artistic vibes, Star Wars and spicy food, but don’t rely on a website bio to know about me, talk to me in person! -Or don’t, your choice.

Social Chair – Jason Coffman

Hey y’all, I’m Jason. I’m here for lit socials and spreading the word of Papa Fermi. If it looks good on a resume I’m down. Likes include vegan pizza, we bare bears, plugging in electric cars, and domestic nuclear detection for counterterrorism. As you can tell I’m not your average teenage girl 😉 – I’m a 21 year old male.

T-Shirt/Fundraising Chair – Joseph Baker

I am a starving engineering student at Cal with too much homework.

Conference/Tour Chair – Michael Martin

That’s us