Notice: This page is being updated for the 2022-2023 academic year; the people seen here are not the current officers. If you want to reach out to the current officers, please email

Co-President – Mirelys Carcana Barbosa

Mirelys Carcana Barbosa (she/her/hers) is a fourth year undergraduate Engineering Physics student at UC, Berkeley. She is a part of the Plasmas, Accelerators, Neutrons, and Dark Matter Axions team in the Nuclear Engineering Department, where she works on the innovative design of a photonic band gap resonator for the intent of finding axions. Her research interests include high energy physics and astrophysics. During her free time, she enjoys reading, writing and playing various instruments.

Mirelys serves as co-president, where she is responsible for communicating and coordinating with other exec board members, as well as local organizations to execute successful UCB ANS events. In addition, Mirelys also holds secretary duties, including event promotion, Calendar updates, and email responsibilities.

Co-President – Speero Tannous

Speero Tannous (he/him/his) is a third year undergraduate nuclear engineering and astrophysics student.  He is currently working in Lee Bernstein’s research group on calculating x- and ɣ-ray signatures for heavy elements.  In his free time, he plays on the quidditch team, plays video games, and reads science fiction.  

As co-president, Speero is responsible for coordinating with other executive board members and working with the nuclear engineering department to ensure beneficial relations for both sides.  He also holds social chair duties, coordinating all UCB ANS social events including movie nights, study jams, and other similar gatherings.

Vice President – Jake Gutterman

Jake Gutterman (he/him/his) is a third-year undergraduate student in the Nuclear Engineering Department. He hopes to join a research group on campus sometime in the coming semester. His interests include nuclear nonproliferation, generation IV nuclear reactors, and innovative waste management solutions. In his free time he enjoys watching football and basketball games, going on road trips, and exploring new places.

Jake is the current Vice President of UC Berkeley’s ANS chapter. Jake is responsible for assisting in administrative duties and the annual Student Section and Glasstone Reports.

Treasurer – Miles Wilson

Miles Wilson (he/him/his) is a fourth year Nuclear Engineering student. He is currently working in the Thermal Hydraulics Laboratory under Professor Peterson, but has worked in the past in Professor Hosemann’s Nuclear Materials Lab. He hopes to help make nuclear energy a more economically feasible technology and make the world a cleaner place.

As treasurer Miles handles anything money, keeping track of and initiating exchanges between ANS and individuals or other organizations/businesses. In his free time he enjoys cycling in the bay area, reading historical non-fiction, playing the guitar, and consuming comedy of any sort.

Graduate Student Representative – Preston Awedisean

Preston (he/him/his) first received his B.S. in Physics at the University of California, Los Angeles and is now a second year Ph.D. student in the Nuclear Engineering department at the University of California, Berkeley. He will be involved in the analysis of fission product yield data for Pu-239 using experimental data collected utilizing the Fast Loading User Facility for Fission Yields (FLUFFY) at LBNL’s 88-Inch Cyclotron. In addition to this analysis, he will design and execute an experiment to measure delayed-neutron emission from actinide targets that seeks to improve the understanding of fission yield nuclear data. This nuclear data has significant uncertainties and such improvements will assist nuclear forensics and safeguards applications.

As the graduate student representative, Preston will serve as a bridge between the graduate and undergraduate student populations to build community and increase engagement as well as propose events and programming tailored to meet graduate student needs.

Outreach Chair – Grant Mills

Grant Mills (he/him/his) is a fourth year undergraduate nuclear engineering student. He is currently working in Lee Bernstein’s research group on setting up and operating a pelletron particle accelerator for the purpose of determining the precise energy of excited states in several isotopes. His research interests include nuclear energy policy and energy management. In his free time, he goes hiking, plays video games, and reads science fiction.  

As outreach chair, Grant is responsible for seeking out opportunities to educate club members as well as the general public on nuclear technology. His duties involve planning Nuclear Science Week in the fall, setting up tours of local facilities, and planning outreach events at local middle schools and high schools.