President – Shereen Aissi

Shereen is a fourth year undergraduate student studying nuclear engineering, with a radiation and health physics emphasis, and a minor in bioengineering. Over the summer, she conducted medical physics research in proton therapy at the University of Pennsylvania. She is currently starting as an undergraduate research assistant at LBNL, where she’ll perform small animal testing for theranostics purposes in the BioActinide Chemistry Group. In her free time, she enjoys playing the piano and exploring the city.

As President, Shereen is responsible for the external affairs of UC Berkeley’s ANS student chapter, which include managing the executive board’s tasks; organizing facility tours, company info-sessions, and workshops; and reaching out to other ANS student sections for collaborations. 

Vice President – Matthew Granados

Matthew is a fourth year undergraduate student studying nuclear engineering with an emphasis on radiation detection. He has helped calibrate sensors, worked on spectrum analysis of fish samples taken from the bay area, and volunteered at science fairs teaching children about radiation for DoseNet/Radwatch. Over summer, he utilized OpenMC for simulating radiation portal monitor response for use in the Chornobyl exclusion zone. He has also been a Reader for Engineering 11 and is currently a Reader for NE100. In his free time, he enjoys running, learning how to play the flute, and playing video games. If you’re reading this, say “snickersnee” next time you see me and I’ll owe you boba sometime.

Matthew is the current Vice President and assists in administrative duties, while also working on the annual Glasstone report.

Treasurer – Andrew Politz

Andrew is a third year undergraduate student studying nuclear engineering focusing on materials and pursuing a minor in EECS. Over the summer, he took EECS 61BL, and in his free time, Andrew enjoys backpacking, rock climbing, and hiking.

As Treasurer, Andrew manages the clubs funds and helps budget for events.

Secretary – Anna Dawes

Anna is a third year undergraduate student studying nuclear engineering, with an emphasis on fusion, and EECS. Over the summer she interned at an A.I. company in the bay area. She also works with Professor Karl van Bibber in his research group PANDAS, where she works to help develop decay detection software. In her free time, Anna enjoys skiing, kiteboarding, surfing, pottery, running, gaming, sleeping, and hiking.

As Secretary, Anna is tasked with sending out emails for upcoming events, managing ANS calendar, question response, promotion of events, and other such propaganda.

Outreach ChairElan Park-Bernstein

Elan is a third-year undergraduate studying nuclear engineering with an emphasis on nuclear physics and materials damage. Over the summer, he worked at LBNL, where he did research analyzing nuclear data and developing a testing facility for materials in fusion environments. This semester, he is continuing his research from the summer and working as the reader for NE 101. He is a Berkeley native and enjoys walking through Berkeley and Tilden.

As Outreach Chair, Elan coordinates informational events with local K-12 schools and collaborates with other organizations to help increase public exposure and awareness of the nuclear sciences and their applications.

Merchandise Chair – Eric He

Eric is a third year undergraduate student studying nuclear engineering. Over the summer, he worked on tokamak nuclear fusion at the University of Tokyo in Japan. He also toured the Fukushima Daiichi Power Plant with his lab group in Japan. He is currently an undergraduate research assistant at LBNL, where he is developing a lunar antenna with the Cosmology Instrumentation Group. In his free time, Eric enjoys running and cycling. 

As Merchandise Chair, Eric is responsible for designing t-shirts and any other desired merchandise for the UCB ANS chapter.

Social Media Chair – Sophie Hilsabeck

Sophie is a second year undergraduate student studying nuclear engineering. Her emphasis is Medical Physics and Imaging. She hopes to pursue a career in Diagnostic Radiology. Over the summer, she took classes in math and computer science. She enjoys backpacking and running. 

As Social Media Chair, Sophie is responsible for making media announcements and keeping ANS members informed on upcoming events.

Historian – Marc O’Shea

Marc (He/Him/His) is a fourth year undergraduate student studying nuclear engineering with an emphasis in medical applications. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his daughter (whom is the greatest human on the planet), cooking, and powerlifting. 

As Historian, Marc is in charge of managing the website and documenting ANS events by taking and collecting photos.

Peer Advising Chair – Eric Yu

Eric is a fourth-year undergraduate student studying nuclear engineering with a minor in public policy. He works with Dr. Ali Hanks in RadWatch/DoseNet to conduct outreach with local high schools and museums, expanding data collection ranges and improving data visualization techniques. Eric’s hobbies include hiking, jogging, cycling, and piano.

As the Peer Advising Chair, Eric assists underclassmen in developing their course schedule to plan out their undergraduate academic career. If you have any questions on specific courses or concentration paths, reach out on Discord or by email. 

Scholarship Chair- Valentino Saiz

Valentino is an undergraduate student completing his fourth year studying nuclear engineering. His focus is in fission reactor design. 

As scholarship chair, he is responsible for helping students obtain scholarships and internship opportunities.

Graduate Student Advisor- Alex Gomez

Alex is a Masters of Engineering graduate student studying Nuclear Engineering. He graduated from Washington State University (WSU) in 2020 with a bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering. He worked as a TRIGA reactor operator in Pullman, WA for 2 years while studying at WSU. During summer 2019, he worked as a reactor operation intern designing a fuel port cover rotation device at the Advanced Test Reactor. After graduation in 2020, he became a Mechanical Engineer at Enercon Services, Inc. in Emeryville, CA performing engineering design changes for commercial nuclear power plants across the western United States. In 2023, he left Enercon to help develop the Quality Assurance implementation and documentation program at Kairos Power in Alameda, CA. In his free time, he enjoys playing soccer and grabbing boba.

As Graduate Student Advisor, Alex is responsible for bridging the gap between the graduate and undergraduate students populations to build community, increase graduate student engagement, and propose events tailored to meet graduate student needs.

Research Coordinator- Nolan Kowitt

Nolan is a 4th year undergraduate studying Nuclear Engineering, with a minor in mechanical engineering. He currently works in the van Bibber research group, working on developing resonator based dark matter searches (read all about it here). He has also worked with the Vetter group, applying a novel image reconstruction technique to map out contamination on the Sarcophagus of reactor 4 at Chernobyl. He grew up in the Bay Area and in his free time enjoys hiking, watching movies, and audio electronics. 

He loves research and is more than happy to talk to anyone about what it is like to conduct undergraduate research and help them get started!


Our Mission

The American Nuclear Society serves its members in their efforts to develop and safely apply nuclear science and technology for public benefit through knowledge exchange, professional development, and enhanced public understanding.