Nuclear Science Week 2016

During the third week of October 2016, Berkeley ANS hosted Nuclear Science Week; an event that spawned many other events across campus and throughout the entire week of 10/16/16 — 10/21/16

On 10/16/16, we had planned to have a kickoff event on Memorial Glade but the weather had a different plan for us. So instead, we all gathered at Jessica’s apartment and played with some wonderful legos and board games. An overall wonderful bonding social event!

On 10/17/16, some our professors and graduate students had lunch with the students on the rooftop of Etcheverry Hall. This allowed our students to get to know some people who have been in the field just a bit longer than they have.

Also we had a Nuclear Ethics Colloquium on what it means to be a Nuclear Engineer here at Cal. This event was led by Professor Bill Katsenberg.

On 10/18/16, there was a Nuclear Science BERCshop with the Berkeley Energy Resources Collaborative. This was to challenge beliefs on nuclear, and change your assumptions and where you stand on Nuclear Energy.

On 10/19/16, we had some scouts come to learn about the UC Berkeley Nuclear Technology Innovation Laboratory and take a tour around the Etcheverry basement. We also taught them some information about nuclear science and hopefully inspired some of the youth to be future scientists!

Later on that night, some of our own members gathered in Etcheverry to watch Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb. This was a great way for a few of us to see Kubrick’s classic film with a bit of comedy about the history of nuclear weaponry.

On 10/20/16, ANS hosted General Atomics for the biweekly meeting. Learn more about that event here.

On 10/21/16, Berkeley students led an after school workshop session with some 4th and 5th graders to help them learn about Nuclear Energy and it’s uses.

Also during the whole week, we had some of our members tabling on Sproul Plaza and answering any questions that any passerby had. These wonderful volunteers used some of the posters and the Plinko Board that we created to help spread the truth about Nuclear Science.

Finally, here are some lovely photos from the span of that whole week!


Our Mission

The American Nuclear Society serves its members in their efforts to develop and safely apply nuclear science and technology for public benefit through knowledge exchange, professional development, and enhanced public understanding.